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All of the product data shown on the site is classified using either SITC (Standard International Trade Classification) or HS (Harmonized System).

For historical SITC classification data (1962 - 2000), we use data from The Center for International Data from Robert Feenstra1. For more recent data (2001 - 2017), we use data provided by UN COMTRADE.

For all of the HS data used throughout the site (1995 - 2017) we use the BACI International Trade Database2. The original data comes from the United Nations Statistical Division (COMTRADE), but is cleaned by the BACI team using their own methodology of harmonization.

Download the Data

The following files are complete data dumps for the entirety of the data held on the site.

SITC4 rev. 2 (1962 - 2017)

HS6 rev. 1992 (1995 - 2017)

HS6 rev. 1996 (1998 - 2017)

HS6 rev. 2002 (2003 - 2017)

HS6 rev. 2007 (2008 - 2017)



  1. Feenstra, R. C., et al. (2005). World Trade Flows, 1962–2000. NBER working paper 11040
  2. BACI: International Trade Database at the Product-Level. The 1994-2007 Version CEPII Working Paper, N°2010-23, Octobre 2010 Guillaume Gaulier, Soledad Zignago - See more here.