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Preguntas frecuentes

Where does the data come from?

The observatory provides access to bilateral trade data for roughly 200 countries, 50 years and 1000 different products of the SITC4 revision 2 classification. For historical SITC classification data, we use data from The Center for International Data from Robert Feenstra. For up to data HS classification data, we use data provided by UN COMTRADE.

Can I download this data?

Sure! You can download the latest dump of the entire data (in MySQL format) here. Or if you are looking for data on a particular country or product, you can click the CSV download button on the right-hand side of all explore pages.

Some of the translations for this site are incorrect, is there a way I could help?

We are constantly trying to improve our translations but seeing as we have over 2,000 products with names, descriptions and genders (in some languages) it's a bit of a Hurculean task. That being said, here are links to page where you can contribute your own translations:

Instructions: these documents are open to the public for view and commenting. If you want to contribute your own translation, right-click on a cell and select "Insert Comment".

I think the data might be incorrect for a given page

The data has all been cleaned by third parties, but of course that doesn't mean that aren't possible errors. File an issue here and we'll try our best to resolve it.

I found a bug on the site! What should I do?

Wooops! Sorry about that... please file an issue here with a link and details on how to recreate it and we'll do our best to resolve it ASAP.